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The Empire Jute Co. Ltd was established in the year 1912, on 11th November by the British. Empire Jute Mill is a public company and a source of employment for more than 3000 people. The unit is located at Talpukur, Titagarh, Dist: 24 Parganas (North), West Bengal, India. The entity is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Jute has always been an area of interest for the company due to its environment friendly nature, and characteristics, which have high potential for growth. With the present management having an experience of over 25 years in managing jute mills, the company is aiming to achieve success through research and development.

The Empire Jute Co. Ltd. has shown determined interest in the development and use of technology by installing the SCADA system which records the real-time production and helps in increasing the productivity by reducing waste. The company has also installed the “Nipha Looms” which enables 6 looms to be run by a single worker. We have automated our Doff System and have taken a number of other steps to improve the efficiency of our workers and make the work simpler for them with the use of the advancing industrial science.

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Woven wholly from jute, sacking bags are heavier in weight.

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Jute Yarn is a material, which is spun and prepared for use in

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Hessian cloths are used exten
sively for various purposes.

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Others Products

Jute Ribbons – Jute Ribbons are decorative ribbons. These ribbons

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